Movies In Frames Analysis

For my post of different forms of cinematics, I chose Movies In Frames Analysis. Movies in frames is just that: only four frames for one movie. I think this form of cinematics is very interesting because in just four frames someone can tell you something about a movie. Even if those four frames are only from the beginning of the movie, or only show a small part, it still tells the viewer about the content of the film. One that definitely caught my attention was this Movies In Frames set from The Breakfast Club (1985)


I think this set is particularly provocative. Anyone who can scroll by the frame of Molly Ringwald followed by her crotch is clearly blind. Whoever made this Movies In Frames set clearly had an intention to be eye-catching. Obviously these four frames do not describe the entire movie, but the viewer can expect that there will be comedy without even seeing The Breakfast Club. I think that Movies In Frames is a witty way to get an attitude across to a movie-goer. It also gives those who have already seen the movie a chance to pick and choose what scenes they felt were compelling.

Another set that caught my attention was one from 9 1/2 Weeks (1986). Do you think I like 80’s movies?


This Movies In Frames set really made me want to go see 9 1/2 Weeks. Without having seen the movie, I can extract important information from this set. It is ironic that Valentine’s Day just passed, because this film looks as though it would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day flick. The creator’s repetition of hearts combined with human figure/skin lets me know that this is a romantic, potentially love-making-filled story. For movie-goers whom are very visual, Movies In Frames is a huge benefit. Perhaps I could be interested in a film, but then after seeing its Movies In Frames Analysis I may change my mind. On the contrary, I may be on the fence about attending a movie, and then the Movies In Frames makes me want to go see it. Personally, I found the Movies In Frames to be the most enticing and compelling portion of the Frames & Screenshot section. –>


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